Usage tips

Before you start

Before you start your activity, start your GPS unit outdoors with clear view of the sky. Place the device on a flat surface and let it be still. This ensures that the device will find its position as quickly as possible using the satellites it finds. Wait until you get the first position from the device in the app. This usually takes 3-5 minutes.

Place the unit in the best way

You can improve the performance of your GPS unit by placing it as well as possible. The device uses GPS technology that depends on good GPS reception. By placing the GPS tracker as high as possible and not having things placed above it which may interfere with the reception of the satellites, the best possible function is guaranteed. If you have your GPS unit in a backpack, place it in a pocket at the top. If you use the device on a hunting dog, place it in a harness if possible instead of using it on the collar. This way you ensure the best possible reception while protecting your GPS unit.

Be prepared

If you are participating in a seasonal activity, your equipment may have been unused since last season. Take time to test your equipment a few days before the season begins. Perhaps the SIM card needs to be refilled, or there may be new features  in the web app which you are not familiar with.

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