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Lafayette GPS

The best choice for your dog

Lafayette GPS

A complete hunting tool

GPS Mini ™ by Lafayette

Lafayette, and the subsidiary Followit, has since April 2021 developed and tested its own platform with App & Dog GPS to become a serious alternative on the market. - The companies together have over 110 years of experience in electronics & communication.

The goal is for Lafayette to be associated in the long term with both dog GPS and hunting radio, and the journey there has only just begun.

The Lafayette GPS App is built to be the complete tool for you as a dog handler. This is achieved by having all the desired data from the GPS unit, the best map environment, being able to easily invite friends to hunt, and in a very efficient way, share and manage hunting areas with your hunting team or friends.

The app is available in the App Store & Google Play today and is free for the first 30 days for those who want to evaluate and test the app. After that, you can purchase the service per week, month, or year. From 99 SEK - 749 SEK.

The GPS tracker has all the necessary functions for those seeking a pure GPS for small or large dogs, or why not the perfect option to convert your existing radio tracker into a supplement.

Lafayette's GPS Mini is a very handy GPS tracler weighing only 120 grams. It is completely free from external connectors, which makes it a completely waterproof device. The GPS Mini has wireless charging and comes with a QI charger that easily connects with USB. The plastic in the GPS Mini is carefully selected to withstand extremely harsh stresses on the plastic, as we know the wear and tear dogs subject the products to.

Of course, Lafayette's GPS Mini has a bark indicator and bark counter. A unique feature is Lafayette's bark counter, which not only filters out clean sound but also identifies the sounds coming in. This means an end to falsly indentified barks when the dog runs in spruce plantations or has the collar hanging near the ground. Only real barks is registered and then displayed for you in the app, both by the number of barks and color-coded track.

Another convenient feature is the change of device settings that are sent when devices communicate with the server. This is normally done at the same time as the positioning interval. Therefore, it may be perceived as slow in some systems. But with Lafayette GPS, you can send device settings that never take longer than 30 seconds regardless of whether the positioning interval is much longer than that. However, device settings are of course sent faster than that if the positioning interval allows it.

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Lafayette GPS Mini 4G

100% swedish made
(with swedish support & service).

Low weight, only 120 gram and dimensions 80x45x30mm (LxWxH).

2000 mAh battery capacity. 24 hours battery time using 3 sec positioning interval & 3 days battery time using 60 seconds positioning interval.

Bark indicator.

Bark counter. (Unique functionality with both filtering and bark identification.)

Lafayette GPS Mini 4G

100% waterproof.

Wireless charging.

Positioning interval down to 3 seconds.

Roaming-free SIM card that uses the best network at the moment.

1 year free data usage.
(Thereafter SEK 299/year.)

Lafayette GPS App

Market-leading maps including Lafayette exclusive hybrid map.

Highly detail maps.

Hunting Areas - Build your hunting area with boundaries & map pins. (Can be easily imported using GPX files or managed directly in the app.)

Bark alarm - If you have the phone tucked away in your pocket or are currently following another dog, this will make it easier to receive a notification / alarm when the GPS trackers detects barking.

Lafayette GPS App

Movement alarm - Set the distance from the dog's current position where the app should alert about movement.

Yearly updated maps.

Teams - Create groups for your hunting team members or buddies to easily share units and points of interest. Here you can easily share hunting areas for the day.

Trackers - Manage device settings and keep 100% control over your GPS trackers. Here you can create share-codes, either display- or admin codes.

Lafayette Pro subscription

This includes the market's best maps, recently updated, with the highest resolution and best details. In addition, you as a user have access to all functions in the app.

1 week


12 months

69 EUR

Lafayette Basic subscription

This is the subscription for you who want to be a spectator or a member of hunting teams where dog handlers use Lafayette GPS. This includes more basic maps and you cannot add own GPS trackers. However, you can easily follow your friends and their dogs and take advantage of all the other convenient functions in the app.

12 months

29 EUR

Lafaytte premium maps

As a premium user, you get access to Lafayette's own maps with orthophotos and property boundaries created specifically for hunting.


Invite your fellow hunters and create teams to share units and hunting grounds.


Our GPS tracker is of course future-proof with support for 4G/LTE.

Long battery life

With the latest generation of energy-efficient components and smart battery-saving functions, we can offer extra long battery life.

Small and flexible

With a weight of only 120 grams, it is one of the smallest models on the market in its class.

A great choice

Lafayette GPS is a complete hunting tool - a great choice in short.